About Ma Baker


I am a mama with three beautiful grown up boys and I love to cook and bake. Now that the boys have grown up, I have a little time to try to build a small baking business, because it is my passion, and because I want to create meaningful work for my second boy, who has autism and epilepsy. He is very capable, just needs a safe workplace, and a robust work system. In fact, the illustration in our logo was hand drawn by him.

As a business, we will give you 3 promises:

1. We will produce all our food products with highest standard of hygiene.

2. We will not serve you food that we will not eat ourselves.

 3. We will always be thankful for your patronage and blessings, and we will always remember to bless someone else back in return with the profits we make.


The Ma Baker Team

The Chef is Hazel Liew, she is a mother to 3 and a half boys. She loves to cook and boy can she cook. Her other passion is painting, last year her painting won a special mention at the Japan Mellow Arts Competition.
Meet our 2IC, Joshua Tan. He is the 2nd baker and ops manager, taking care of the day to day running of Ma Baker. When he is not rolling out pies, he is rolling around on his longboard.
Joseph Tan is our Kitchen Hand. Joseph has special needs, but that does not stop him from being a great help in the kitchen. He helps with the mise en place, maintain workplace hygiene and cleanliness, and box the pies when they are done. In his spare time, Joseph loves to draw and paint, so no prizes for guessing who drew the company's logo and all these pictures of the team members.
Jesse Tan is the Marketing Director, simply because he goes to the Market to buy the ingredients and Directs customers to our store. Jesse loves things that fly, like airplanes and birds, so in his spare time, either he is on the flight simulator or he is out photographing birds.
This is our Junior Chef, Jacob Tan. Jake is currently doing a culinary course because he aspires to be a chef. During his spare time and vacation, he helps out at Ma Baker. Jake is also an accomplished drummer and a big anime fan!
The last member on our team is our Pie Concierge, Zai. Our man will ensure that your pies are delivered safely and promptly to you. Zai loves music and longboarding.